National Safety Month at Lafarge


It’s not typical of any business to encourage its employees to get behind the wheel of a company vehicle while impaired or to text their friends and family. As a matter of fact, it very much goes against Lafarge’s stringent safety policy. Call it opposite day if you’d like, but this is exactly what was asked of employees at the Lafarge Ravena Plant on a recent plant safety training event.

In recognition of National Safety Month, on June 7, employees were given the opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience first-hand the dangers of operating a vehicle while texting or incapacitated. Employees were fitted with vision impairment goggles to simulate the sight limitations of someone who is under the influence, while others were asked to text, while driving golf carts around a safety track set up at the plant.

It was a fun way to “drive” home a serious message: safety first!

A Lafarge employee sports vision impairment goggles to simulate being under the influence while driving a golf cart.
Another employee is texting while maneuvering his cart through the course.
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