Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is known to increase productivity and reduce cost in procuring new devices for IT Admins.

At Innoppl, our enterprise mobility consultants understand the pros and cons of a BYOD program in an enterprise. We help you set up unique cross platform BYOD strategies that will protect your enterprise data from being breached and misused.

What Is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is an IT policy where employees are allowed to bring their own devices to work to sync and work on the company’s internal IT network, as opposed to carrying separate work phones. As enterprises are aware of the rapid proliferation and influence of smart mobile devices in employees’ day to day life, BYOD has become a rising trend that reduces cost and boosts employee productivity.

What To Consider For BYOD?

Although BYOD policy implementation can increase your employee work-life balance and productivity, the real challenge lies in providing a secure channel for your work data. As an employer interested in initiating a BYOD program, you must create a simple and transparent BYOD policy that addresses concerns like,

  • Number of devices and configuration types that will be supported
  • The right to manage app installs and data on the devices
  • Appropriate data protection practices
  • A dedicated IT team who will handle all BYOD management
  • Decision on geographic deployment (geo-fencing)
  • Reimbursement facilities and support
  • Lost/stolen device tracking and data removal
  • Malicious apps and other vulnerabilities protection
  • Data ownership rules

How Can We Help You With BYOD?

The influx of mobile devices can provide you an opportunity to grow your business significantly. But without the right mobility integration support, your BYOD system can end up being a threat to your organization.

Our enterprise mobility solutions team has the expertise in analyzing your specific needs and providing a tailor-made BYOD system which is backed up by unmatched technical and network infrastructure support. Some of our BYOD operations include,

  • End to end mobility management and support
  • Automatic device optimization and addition
  • Accelerated app performance
  • Reduced security risk
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Handle multiple service requests with minimal delay
  • Smooth access to company apps and other intranet sites
  • Hassle free connectivity
  • Provision for secure guest access
  • User-specific and device-specific configuration management