Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile apps and smartphones play an important role in the modern workforce. Companies have to take the right measures to secure data at the app level to ensure data security.

At Innoppl, we offer end-to-end Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions for your enterprise where you’re in complete control of all your enterprise’s applications.

What Is MAM?

Mobile Application Management Service

Mobile Application Management (MAM) refers to the complete governance and administration of workflow and security for both individual and business owned mobile apps in terms of security and end to end workflow. This division of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) focusses on mobile apps and enables administrators to take charge of personal and enterprise apps.

Major Features To Expect In MAM

As the number of enterprise mobile apps continue to grow, Mobile Application Management (MAM) is a key requirement for businesses to manage, control and protect data accessed via apps. Apart from secure app deployment, configuration, wrapping, version updates, and other basic features, your MAM software must:

  • Differentiate/ restrict private and EMM console apps
  • Secure PIMs and pre-configured applications
  • Effectively whitelist recommended apps and blacklist apps that harm productivity
  • Ensure compliance and stronger authentication process
  • Manage distribution and compatibility with Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Provide app and security updates over the air
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • App-level analytics

How Can We Help You With MAM?

With years of experience in mobile app development, our mobile app developers understand the need to securely configure and deploy enterprise mobile apps. Our enterprise mobility team will provide you with flexible, specific and scalable solutions that will enhance your enterprise productivity.

Our clients love us simply because we have never compromised on quality regardless of the complexity of the app requirement/MAM services. Our MAM services include,

  • Micro VPNs – the latest MAM feature
  • Flexible management of public and private apps
  • Help you set up security policies
  • Manage VPP licenses
  • Prompt alerts/notifications of any app updates
  • Geofencing
  • Strict app-level security
  • Direct app publishing from all major app stores
  • Tri-layer security assurance