Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enterprises need to become more mobile-centric, as they respond to the pressure to keep up to technology demands.

With such a ubiquitous use of mobile devices in the workplace, IP security concerns have also increased-leading organizations to employ a strong Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

What Is MDM?

Mobile Device Management Services

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software platform that helps the IT department to administer, troubleshoot, secure, manage and remotely control all mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets etc) that are deployed in an organization.

What To Look For In MDM

Studies by SMB Group states that 67% of SMBs consider mobile solutions as a ‘critical’ element to their businesses. Administrators find MDM software as a smart solution to their company’s increased mobility requirements.

Our clients have questions on device models, vulnerabilities, compliance impact, ROI, data breaches, solution for wiping stolen devices, and so much more when it comes to adopting Mobile Device Management. The good news is that it is easier than you expect.

Consider the following checklist you need to follow while choosing an MDM solution.

  • Remote mobility configuration and management
  • Automatic updates with Cloud based setup
  • Data backup & restore functionalities
  • Data protection through strong password enforcement, blacklists and other security policies
  • Location based data restriction through Geofencing
  • Jailbreak detection and encryption
  • Device location/tracking with remote wipe capability
  • VPN configuration and management
  • Remote notification and disabling of unauthorized data
  • Scalable, to add new users without any disruption
  • Support for multiple mobile Operating Systems (OS)

How Can We Help You With MDM?

While many enterprises, especially SMEs are slowly embracing MDM, most of them understand that one size does not fit all. Moreover, with the increased security threats and the need to sustain your business in the future, it’s important to choose your enterprise mobility solution wisely.

At Innoppl, we have a mobility consulting team who are phenomenal in delivering exceptional enterprise mobility services by covering the length and breadth of your business needs. Not only that, we help you integrate your internal asset management with some of the top notch providers like IBM MaaS360, VMware AirWatch and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security platforms. Some of our Mobile Device Management services include

  • A comprehensive review of your connected devices and policies
  • Identifying and installing the best platforms that match your requirements
  • User-friendly management interface and admin training
  • Offer real-time dashboards
  • Automatic policy updates for all devices
  • Enable Multiple OS supporting platforms (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Enterprise integration including cloud services and Microsoft Exchange
  • Client friendly support and maintenance plans